Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Advent, Days 13-14 | Past Tumblr Requests

Posting daily is almost out of my league. It requires so much mental commitment.
Perhaps I need to make it more like brushing my teeth, or blowing my nose--I'll not allow myself to brush my teeth before I do a blog-post.
I don't have any local friends anyway.



Let's talk about these guys today.
I typically try to do character-bites like these...
(Calling them that not because it sounds vampiristic, but because they are quite bite-sized.)
...for requests and suggestions.
They're always a little scribbley and fun. I usually take hobbity-requests, but I've gotten some weird ones too.
For instance,
I'm still not sure why that person had an entire blog devoted to this lizard's fanart. 
Sometimes I can't sleep at night for wondering about this weird lizard.
Tumblr's weird y'all.

Heh heh heh.
You'll never guess what this is.
Not by the star in the background, the green suit, the blue dress--naaaaaw

Yeah it's Hamilton.
But these are my friends.
This was another huge Tumblr project I jumped in on. 
A complete recording of Hamilton by Tumblr users!
Hamilton, I drew to look like my friend Eric. He's exceptionally awesome.
And Eliza's dear Ashlee.

Here are the rough-drafts, in all their glory.

Oh and looky there, it's the colour guide I used for his coat.

Tumblr's a cool place for artists. There's an audience, always is, and many art-blogs take commissions, so it becomes a source of income, as well as an outlet for art.

Buuuut, artists still don't get paid enough.
 *sticks a "FEED THE STARVING ARTISTS" sign right here*

Feed the starving artists, tuppence a scribble.

Haha, that's all today, folks!

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