Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent Day 1 | Oh Yeah, It's hobbity.

Well good afternoon, and Merry Christmas!
Today I'd thought we'd probably start with something simple.
So recently I sat down and began to draw something--circles are what I just scribbled and then I realised I'd do best to just turn it into a hobbit hole.

 There it is, I played with colours, and ran with the idea of stained-glass windows, 'cause why not?
And since this a Christmas-y post, I'll show you what I did next, and then I'll explain how it's gonna get Christmas-y sometime in the future.

I finished it by making it nightime, and playing with light!
That doesn't really seem like it'd make a lot of sense, but check it. The windows have light streaming from within. (There's probably a super large chandelier in that foyer. :P ) It shines out upon the colourful flowers in the front, (no idea what sort they are.) And it leaves this "omgsssh it's cosy inside" feeling.
How's this going to be Christmas-y? Well ma amies, how's for we make a Christmas Hobbit hole? Lights, snowmen, and the whole kaboodle.
Help me out, comment suggestions for colours, shapes, number of windows, what the snowman should be holding--! Anything! Even hobbits themselves.

Merry Christmas and first day of December!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Happy First Day of November! That is so pretty!!! Hmmm. I think you should make a hobbit that looks like yourself... And the snowman should be holding candycanes??? Those are my ideas. :-)


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