Saturday, November 26, 2016

❅❆December Advent Event...A Massive Christmas Art Undertaking❆❅

Hello there blogger-monkeys! Hullo hullo hullo!
It's been quite a while since we last spoke, word-to-eye...eye-to-screen.
Heh heh.
To cut to the point, it is ALMOST December! And the past two years I have done some of what the Youtubers call Vlogmas. Vlogmas is where you film your christmas activities and upload them on whatever schedule you want. It's fun! But very--VERY tiring. 

So this year I have decided I am not fully doing vlogmas, but going to be doing something almost as commitment-y, and start an  Art Advent-calendar. 
This is as ridiculous as it sounds. Let me explain.

  1. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
    "the advent of television"
    synonyms:arrivalappearanceemergence, materialization, occurrencedawn,

Thanks Google, me ole pal.
During the month of December we typically have a little calendar with little doors on it, and everyday leading up to Christmas, we open a door. And there's some pretty kwel stuff in there, I tell you, Mom is a pro.

Borrowing that idea, starting DECEMBER 1ST, this lovely blog is going to become an art advent calendar!

Everyday when you come back here, (which you will! ;P ), there will be a new gift for you! A painting, a song, a poem--art, just pure good ole art!

And at the end of it all there is a surprise. (lord willing I can get it done in time! O.O )
That isn't all! You TOO can participate!
Do you wish to have anything drawn? Painted? or do you have a story, Christmas memory, or poem to share?
We can get in touch, and it could be AWESOME.

Leave a comment! Tell me what you think, any suggestions? Do you want to participate?

And a Merry Christmas Everyone!