Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cordy's Would You Rather: Lord Of The Rings

"Hello hello hello!" - Lin-Manuel Miranda, (at most Ham4Ham shows. =D)

Evieeeee tagged meeeee! So here!

1. You have been tasked with your own quest, your own fellowship has been gathered, and you have the pick of one last member, would you rather choose Eomer or Imrahil to join you on your journey? (Imrahil is a member of the Dunedain.)

Oh boy. Having recently read ROTK, I think Imrahil--but Eomer tho.

2. Would you rather have to track an army of Uruk-Hai, or climb the 'stairs'? 


3. Who would you rather, slap/shake/glare, some sense into, Denethor or Wormtongue?

DENETHOR SUCKS.#Faramirprotectionsquad

4. Would you rather attend Bilbo's birthday and have to dance a jig or have to sing a solo at Aragorn's coronation? 
Please hobbits, please please please.

5. Would you rather, soar on an Eagle's back to pick-up Frodo and Sam or participate in the last march of the Ents, courtesy of Treebeard's shoulder?
Oh boy. Eagles, but Ents. Oh boy.

6. Would you rather have to face an enraged Oliphant or Shelob?

I read that "Would you rather have the face of..." Haha.
I'd take the Oliphant, cause *holds out cupped hands*

I got a mouse.

Hahaha XD

7. Would you rather have to wear the full armor of Gondor for a day or the full armor of Rohan for a day?
Give me the Rohan, cause horsey hair helmets so cool.

8. Would you rather have an axe or a bow?
A bow please. Though be my fate to be called Merida.

...better than Gimli.

9.Would you rather visit Lothlorien or Rivendell? 


10. Would you rather have to get through the Mines of Moria or take the Path of the Dead? (In each situation, you are with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Haha, so, you're not alone!)

Ugh. Uuuuugh. UGH. I'll take the Path of the Dead.

11. Would you rather stay and help rebuild the Shire, or sail to the Undying Lands? 


That's all for now folks!

The HHH.

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