Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let's Talk about Hamilton.

So how does a rag-tag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower?

You might know the answer, or you might just be like "Not you tooooo, I thought surely youuuu wouldn't fall for this musical."

I've not ever enjoyed rapping, I never disliked it, but I never liked it. The whole genre was a little weird. Though through time, I've learned to appreciate every genre of music, one is not superior to the other because they all use three or four chords. And Lin-Manuel Miranda is a frickin lyrical genius. 
Most musicals are...ok, I admit, I find most musicals boring. They drag on, they're boring, they dwell too much on romance.
And the talking bits, those long play-like parts where words have to be exchanged between characters make me bored. I like musicals that are musical, thoroughly. Les Miserable, for instance. A few lines, very few spoken lines.
Musicals like these are hard to come by.
I legitimately only know of Les Mis, until now.

Until now.


There are like...what six lines--maybe? Of spoken text, and you wanna know why? THAT'S RIGHT YOU DON'T BECAUSE IT'LL MAKE ME SAD.
Anyway, this musical's a masterpiece. 
It's about the American Revolutionary War, and the early stages of our government, but mostly it's about a man named Alexander Hamilton.
This dude had to do so much to get where he got. He worked hard, like Jean Valjean, but he did it faster. 
(albeit he did not get sent to prison and have to deal with Javert--golly, les mis, you are a mess I imagine if that had happened, it would have taken much longer.)

This is a musical about the Founding Fathers, how could you not be intrigued to at least give it a listen? Moreover, how have you not yet? HOW? ME NO UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN NOT HAVE LISTENED TO THIS? (and at least memorised the first act.)
Thomas Jefferson, he's awesome, and as annoying as they come.

The Schuyler Sisters♥
The Schuyler sisters, oh my gosh, the darlings. Eliza Schuyler is an INFJ, and just--gaaah this musical.
ANGELICA is so cool, I haven't decidedly typed her yet, but--she's so cool.

There are just too many awesome characters in this musical to talk about, because they are all equally complex and well-written. 
Just--do yourself a favour, put on some headphones, or grab some earbuds and turn on that opening song, if you don't enjoy it, there is probably something wrong with you and you should just go back to England. (idk what their issue is with musical, but maaaan they got a grudge.)

Hehehehe. ♥
I really truly do like you, but I really truly want you to like this musical too.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Click this Post, Number Three will AMAZE you

There isn't actually a number three, I am just trying at linkbait. YO CLICK HERE MAN.

Well hello bloggers, if you didn't know, I've got a youtube channel. I am not here to talk about how you should go and subscribe, or to in any way advertis--just kidding.
Hello I am doing a thing I want YOU to participate.

It is called the Portrait Challenge, I'm calling artist, makeup and not-so-much makeup artists to join me in recreating portraits of people from history, or just popular portraits, on your face (Or your sister's face if she'll be still!).
You just need to do a montage of film bits, or photos of how it went and put them into a video, and link them to this video.
I am meanwhile also trying to get to 100 subscribers, I have a lovely forty-five at the current moment. If I can ever...ever hit 100 I am contemplating a give-away, because FREE-STUFF, why not? =)
We are 55 subscribers away from that still, but that's the plan.
So will you join in our crusade? Will you be strong and stand with me?

I'll see all of youses around. ♥

Friday, February 5, 2016

What I love spending my time doing.

Other than spending time with friends, I love something I like to call FC hunting.
FC stands for Face Character, and this basically means finding that perfect actor or actress to fit a fictional character in a story.

For instance, one of my favourite FC selections is Karen Gillan as Lily Evans.

And you just dreamcast EVERYTHING. Yay.
So why am I saying this?
One simple crazy idea that I really don't have time for but I would like to do anyway.
I have done this for many people so I am pro.
So put a description of your character down below and we can have a jolly conversation about them and I can find gifs and pictures of them!
Yay free fangirling services.

Farwell little monkeys
~Jess da mess

(Oh and a post by my matey Winifred from when she came down for New Years and my birthday! Yay! "Surprise!" )