Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crunch Time | Favourite Christmas Songs 2015

It's the mostest wonderful time of the year, kids jingle-belling and everyone's rushing around being busy. (Is jingle-belling even a real verb?)
And I have officially landed in crunch time. I do not know why it is I can never get anything done the moment before it is "due", but no matter how hard I try to get the task done ahead of time I always end up in the crunch.
And right now, because I am waiting for certain software to finish freaking out and for another wave of braincells, I have decided that I should do a blog post.
So here...look, a blog post!
My friend Diana (evie) did a christmassy post recently with a list of her favouritest christmas songs, I thought I might follow her lead and share with you a few of my favourites.

1) The Light of Christmas Morn.
Currently this is my favourite Christmas song. Partially because I love the melody, but mostly because of the words.

"The winds of chill December sound the farewell of the year, and evening shadows gather 'round and cloud the soul with fear, but rest you well good Christian men! Nor be of heart forlorn! For December's darkness brings again the light of Christmas morn."

Uh, can I just get a YES? Who does not feel the dragging cold and clingy shadows of winter this month?
I know I become so tired and melancholy this time of year. This song makes me smile because I reminds me that everyone feels the cold of the winter (EXCEPT YOU WEIRD AUSTRALIANS AND THE LIKE) and we can all just push through the sadness to get to the blessed holiday of Christmas.

2) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
(yet another Celtic Woman version, but hey, I love their stuffs)
This song is just a YASSS for me. I used to hate it, but something has clicked lately and it is one of my favourite Christmas songs.

3) Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella
This song is just another YAAASSS for me. It's a french dance tune, how could anyone not like this?
(and this piano version is particularly lovely)

4) The Man with the Bag
I hadn't ever heard this song until this year. Am I the only one? I had never heard it...and then suddenly BAM it was everywhere.

5) Christmas Waltz
3/4 time is my bae.
So this song is definitely a yes.

6) Merry Christmas Darling

This is Jinjer-Snap's favourite Christmas song so surely it must go on the list somewhere!
7) It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Back to Celtic Woman. #noregrets

8) Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
3/4 time again. I love this song so much. =)

9) Baby It's Cold Outside
No, this is not the original.
This song has been made so much better by the revision of the lyrics. =D

and lastly but not leastly!
10) All with You
Not a traditional song, no, but one of my favourites. I've been infatuated with this song for nearly a year and a half. Yaay!

There you go! Listen to them aaaaaaall!
Hehe. I'll see you all around. (And yes that follow-up story post is still on its way. I've just not finished it yet. :) )
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Born of fire in the deep dark caverns of Galactic Goop...a writer rose from the bubbling mire to take deep breath of air. The first breath breathed in many weeks.

*Creepy darkened lights*
So creepy, so creepy. The creepy is tangible.
I reached about 33000 words before midnight Monday evening.
Alas! *throws hand to forehead* There is no hope for me ever getting things done on time!
*Looks forlornly at stacks of school books*

Haha. I could use all my excuses that my story did not get complete in November, that beard possibly being one of them, but it would not do much good.
My story was not finished because apparently, it wasn't supposed to be yet.

I loved doing the nanowordsprints and the write-ins! THose were exceedingly helpful, but the words would just not come out as quickly as they were supposed to, and I'm just going to say that that is because my book wasn't supposed to be done yet. Maybe my entire novel endeavour was just for practice at doing something difficult. I don't know.

I do know, however, that a dear friend of mine, whose name starts with an E, did indeed finish her novel!
*looks at friend list of people whose name start with E*
Emma x420000
*List drops to floor and rolls across the room*

It was an Emma.
Or, as you might know her, "Your Matey, Winifred"
I wanted to tell you good job Emma! I am so proud of you!
Or if you just wrote!
I've discovered that it is a lot harder to write than I originally thought. Especially when you know you HAVE TO WRITE, BY THIS TIME, TOWARDS THAT MANY WORDS.

As much as I need deadlines to get stuff done. I hate them.
That is a perceiver trait.

And just because it is December, and this gif fits perfectly...
 I am almost completely sure that this was you and I the later part of this month Emma. =D

 And this of course.

Anyway. I'm going to do a follow up post to this one about my story. Because I am really excited about it. =D


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Artsy Ramble? Where did that come from?

I laugh like a mad woman as I run around turning off the lights in the house. The day is dreary and Mother wants the lights on so she can see as she decorates for Christmas. She thinks I'm ridiculous. Of course I am.

I understand that you have to be able to see to get anything done, but it's so dreary outside and all I want to do is stare up into space and contemplate the colours surrounding me. See in the cold light the last of the Autumn colours dripping down from the trees like a beautifully done watercolour.

The leaves are oddly yellow in hue this year, last year we had hardly any leaves at all. I thought I was noticing a cycle: the leaves are extraordinarily bright every four years. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Mayhaps it's every five years, or I might have simply miscounted. I don't know. I'll have to stick around a while longer to see if I'm proven right.

The sky is blue. It reads as a grey colour when you first look at it, but it is a deep blue...somewhere past those clouds covering up the sun it is the most royal and dark blue. An infinite blue...stretching into space further and further until it does become finite, where the galaxies stop and there is nothing. Everything is blue.
Even the clouds are blue, they are white too of course, but they are reflecting, somehow, the blue above them.
It comes across as Lavender.
The lavender colours are tinted grey, but with an over throwing streak of white here and there, the Sun's futile attempt at lighting the earth.

If you look down and around you there is mostly green and brown. That evergreen dark colour that sticks around the entire year, and the brown of a leafless tree. Its limbs reaching and climbing through the thick air, or mayhaps just hanging onto the tree for fear of falling under the weight of the sky. Shadows are darker today, as if the dark lonely thoughts of dead winter is even playing at the edge of nature itself.

My dear Mother has turned back on those horrible yellow lights again, not that it really matters I suppose.
There is stuff to be done and waxing poetic never did get the house decorated.
Well then, I suppose this post was just a ramble about December. Do take moment and look around you and see. Actually see, notice colours and shapes, darkness and light, the greens and the blues. Genuinely enjoy December's melancholy before you go and drink hot cocoa and get festive again!

And for heaven's sake, Jess, go get that darn Christmas tree up.