Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Made a Thing | Disneybounding Merida

Or, I ruined a perfectly fine t-shirt trying out a tutorial that I found on Pinterest.
It's not a bad kind of ruined.

I'm gonna teach y'all how to do it.
 Ok so firstly get yerself a long-sleeved t-shirt.
Measure however long you want the sleeves to be, and mark that spot (Inside out of course, always sew things inside out.)
Now, make sure the sleeve is perfectly flat and cut along the crease of the sleeve opposite the seam to the mark, so the slits will be on the outside.
Then hem it, basically--turn the edge up a bit and sew it. You have to do this to both sides of the sleeve.
It should resemble that if you understood what I told you to do XD
The next step is to mark the places you want to put buttons.

I hated this part.
Tedious, little stitches of obnoxiousness. 
But it's the difference between, shirt, and sail. So just do it. =D
I did a bit of a pattern, the top button and the cuff button are on the outside, but the other two are on the inside.
Anyway, This is pretty awesome for a merida cosplay.

Especially if you curl your hair for it. =D

Oh and who would've thought, I have a tutorial for that too. XD

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Misc. 10/22/15

I realised that if I wanted to ever actually vlog anything ever I might just have to clean my room.
It was in ridiculous condition. 
So like...you can see the Great Wall of China from outerspace? Well you could have seen my unfolded laundry all the way up there too.
XD It was pretty bad. It looks better now...but now, homework.

It's October, and October is a hard month for homework, mostly because I do not want to do it, and then there's the first omnibus paper, or speech, or something really big and obnoxious that falls on that one weekend when you really really wish you could do something else.
Ach, all's well that ends well. So far all my little schooly thingies have ended well, so long live the end's well!
Nanowrimo month is coming up, will you be writing a novel? Or will you be like me and just sit back and be glad you're not doing it?
I honestly prefer to get ready for renfest during November, and stare out the window at the falling leaves.
I do that a lot during the autumn-time. 
I've been thinking lately--or more, anytime I look at my feet, that Converse are just the sort of shoes Van Gogh would paint.  I think I'll give it a go, someday. I still cannot draw shoes well enough yet to think of painting them. 
I came across the drop-cloth that I had originally used when I discovered that I can actually paint things.
Oh boy the memories.
I cut the paintings out of it and I hope to frame them...they are all quirky sizes though. 

What are you reading this month?
You see my little honourable stack. Or mostly honourable, some of it simply for complete pleasure. Others, or one other, because I'm basically being kindly blackmailed by a darling sister.
*Wink* And friend.
and other friend.
and another friend.
You'll never guess.
Yay for friendship and torture. 

I gave a speech in rhetoric on the topic of altos and their underratedness. 
Everyone loved it, and agreed wholeheartedly. Unfortunately nothing world-wide has happened yet.
I suppose I wasn't to expect much from a first speech to an early-morning class. 
And a few of them are telling me to speak on the bass and baritones' behalf. 
It might happen. 

So what's up with you guyses? I hope you are all fine and super splendid. =)


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Changing, or Realising? Or just Emotional Dumping?

'Been a long time, I've been keeping up with the blogs I follow, reading the beautiful posts, the posts that are just dumps of emotions needing to be let out, and in general being a professional stalker...as usual.
So I'm sorry I've not posted, but I've been lurking around. XD

I'm talking about stuff today.

Talking about a different side of me that tends to want to become more prominent, particularly lately.  I'm talking about this sixteen year-old self.

You will all be one, or have been one.

This'll probably be a mujumbled wad of stuff.

I've been wanting to jump and fly, ready to just...leap off, ya know?
You get kinda tired of being civilised and tied down by schoolwork, and even...hobbies.
And it's just like.


It's probably immaturity at its finest, but that's what I've been experiencing lately.
Loud music.
Dark clothing.
Doodling on everything.
Wanting to walk in the middle of the road at the dead of night.





Probably just really stupid.

I mean, this side isn't the side that makes muffins and scrolls through beautiful regency costuming blogs for hours.

I don't know where this is coming frooooom. 
We're allowed to have more than one side though, so I can be more than one person, and still be the same person.  Right?


I mean this isn't Divergent.
We're people with multiple layers of personalities, we can all change, multiple times. 

I'm forever an ESFP, I'm still a Christian, I'm still Jess, I'm just experiencing a change of weather and it's time to pull out the leather jacket and roll with it.
Or ya know, you can just wear...that, and...I can just...ya know. wear this. 

I'll be me, you be you. It'll be fun.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm not a one-sided person. (None of us are. But you only see this one side of sparklez fangirl on this blog)
There's this bit of nervous energy pulsing through me ready to leap out as soon as I even think it.
I think we're probably all like this, at least a little bit. 
Hopefully, otherwise I just feel kinda stupid for saying that.
Usually people who wear the front of being "brave" or wearing dark clothing have a past of being bullied, and trying to hide or trying to come across as imposing, trying to make themselves stronger.

And that's not me either.
I'm this wad of ginger-mess tucked into tidy little explosion of black leather, chiffon dress, and tall boots.
I wear this because it feels right. Not because I'm trying to be scary, or that the darkness of my clothing shows the very darkness of my soul. (Mostly because gingers don't have souls. XD )

I understand that we're all different and to some people my crazy mixed up mess might be offensive. 
I'm a hyper person.
I don't get depressed. 
I am gifted with ebullient unending optimism. 
As long as I can smile I will smile. (Even though I typically wear this face of    : - ]   )

It can come across backwards a lot though.
I play sad music when I am the happiest person on the face of the planet. 
I wear black when I'm feeling brilliant and just downright...awesome. 
I write happy stories when I'm sad.
I spend hours on the porch on rainy days, not curled up with a book on the couch.
If I'm sad I won't be that way for long--and if I come across as sad, it's because I'm savouring the feeling of a different emotion.

There's this feeling that I am just Marianne Dashwood.
Then there's a certainty that I'm just an immature little beastie. 

And I've tried to not be like this.

And I can't. I will just always wear my emotions proudly, and keep my heart near-at-hand where I can give it to those who need it. Because I've got more where that came from, even if they break it.
There's an endless supply and I swear, i'll run it dry if you need it. 

I'm positively the most normal person I've ever been.
And it's a blessing. 

So yeah there's that mess. Have fun making sense of it.  


So yeah.
Good night.


(I hope I didn't scare you Grandparents too much.)