Friday, May 29, 2015

*taps microphone*

Hey Guys,
Some of you probably know Jess is away at the moment which is why I am using this chance to finally type up that friendanniversary post I promised to do.

So basically Jess and I have known each other for a year now and a year is a very very long time don't you think?

We've had so many chats, about Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, Harry Potter, Random stuff which we will keep to ourselves, Blogger things, Life updates and just helping each other out although we live on opposite sides of the world. 

Sadly we are separated by oceans but we won't let that defy us. Did we mention we were timelords? if not shhh 

Jess is the Anne to my Diana, the Companion to my Doctor or is it the other way round? 

The sensible Hufflepuff to the mad excentric Ravenclaw I am and just all round an awesome friend! 

Now what?
Ah yes *opens up Jess's post* 
Oh mygosh it even looks like us!!! This is AWESOME !

Yes pretty awesome and halarious! 

Let's list some things I've learnt 

~ Hufflepuffs make the best friends! 

~ Her accent is awesomer although she says mine's better.. although we both agree being British would be amazing!

See our accent's wierd.... haha I say our I mean Australian

Excuse a tiny bit of language but what Adam says about our inflection is indeed true.

~ We're such expert writers at coming up with our own stories

100 pages! and we are no where near done.

~ Crossing  paths in the future is gonna happen.. 
(we do have that TARDIS remember)

~ She's just as awesomely fangirly as I

You don't want to see us when we get uber excited about somthing

~ She can put up with my fangirlyness like no one else can.. and supports it xD

~We invent ship names for our OTPS


I cannot explain this one... but some of you will geuss it

Hiddlesunlap (She doesn't know of this one) 

but the first one
Which only us and a couple of people will get

~ Plane tickets are so expensive

So let's pretend plane tickets are cheap

~She's the ESFP to my quiet INFJ basically polar opposites but hey opposites attract!

Hope for many more years!
Love Ya!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update May 2015

Hey again!
You're probably thinking, wow, she must have something big due to post twice in one week. Well I do, we're speeding to the end of the year, actually, today is the last day of my classes.
And I really want to cry. Like, all I want to do is lay, rolled-up in a ball, on my bed, sobbing and moaning.

I am so excited for summer. Hah. I really am, there are some things I would like to sew, a web series I'd love to work on, some books I'd like to finish, and a summer class I'd LOVE to take.

I decided that I need to make some sort list of things to do,  or ya know those fancy update posts, I want to give a try at one of those.

*Puts on posh top hat and monocle.*

~Skulduggery Pleasant | Mortal Coil
~Lord of The Rings
~Northanger Abbey
~Fanfiction mostly... | Hogwarts | Hobbits...
~Final Exams
~Side by Side (for the VPSA talent show)
~On my Own, (Because I'm a teenager, that's what we do. :) )
~All With You. (A christmas not-popular-pop song I'm obsessed with.)
~Don't worry, be happy. (You're welcome. MUHAHAHA)
~A.S.K. (Still learning to ask for stuff, and help, peer help mostly)
~For safety for my cousins.
~Sanity enough to get through exams.
~Thanking God for, and asking guidance for my friends,
~Safety as we get ready to go up north for the first time.
~Thanking God that I get to meet so many of my classmates.
~Also thanking Him that I get to meet my good friend Winifred.

~Muffins, weekly, (Yes ok, Muffins can have icing now.)

~Skulduggery Pleasant
~The T.A.R.D.I.S

~From Mansfield with Love
~The Writing Majors
~Project Dashwood
(Basically any other literature web series going on right now.)
~Swing dance videos
~KlairedelysArt videos they are so COOL.

~Last homework assignments and catch-up work.
~Playing the piano and guitar
~Scrolling through pinterest
~Making a packing list
~Making a circle skirt
~Keeping my room clean.

O.O It looks like a lot when you write it like that.
I"m also editing the second Q and A video for my vlog. So yeah, subscribe?

Love you all.
And I bid thee adieu with this song that leaves me in a puddle.


Monday, May 11, 2015

A Friendaversary is in Order

Well hi folks, been a darn while.
(If you're from Evie's blog HIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Welcome to Mannerbee! :) )
There's some exciting news!
And I'll post about that in just a moment.
You saw the word "friendaversary" because it is, indeed, A ONE YEAR FRIENDSHIP MARKER!
Ok, so like, technically it's not the exact date we became friends, but it is close. Super close. Like if it's not this exact day, it is somewhere in this month, or possibly this year. Probably in this lifetime.

*stares at screen*

Wait. Ramble..,wut?

Evie, my dear Diana friend, Evie, who I met through our blogs and I have known each other for a year (give or take some days. =) )

And over this time I've realised a few things.
~I am really bad at being dependable. Despite being a hufflepuff, I'm bad at doing what I say I will. It might take months for me to get to it. Pah-the-tic
(just a thing we totes must do!)

~My accent is not nearly as cool as her accent. (and honestly i ought to just give up and crawl under my bed. OH WAIT, I CAN'T. Don't have an under the bed. *kicks built-in bedframe* RAMBLE ALERT.)

~I get lonely when I don't have friends around.

~I get annoyed when I have to do school assignments in the evening so I cannot talk to her. (Come onnnnnnnnn we only have little intervals during which we can chat! THEY ARE PRECIOUS. *strokes laptop* Mineeee!)

~My musical endeavours bow down to her amazing viola-ness.

~We're kindred spirits.

~Shut up world. Internet friends are as real as chocolate. And chocolate is real, so therefore internet friends are too.

Of course that next-to-last one was evident. I mean she's Diana, and I'm Anne.
(To all my little friends out there, really. :) )

It's fun.
And i'm trying to find pictures to go with this post.

Bingo. Most of these are ones Evie pinned. *Evil grin* STEAL ALL THE PINS.
Back to the thing.
Oh yes, yes yes yes. We've written some...157 or so pages of HP fanfiction.
Winifred too...and Lu...It's like the Writer's Club or something.

Okey dokey. I'm running out of words. I'm not good with words. I am bad at words.
Words words words.
Love you nutso bestie!  May we eventually cross paths and leave happy sparkles and glitter everywhere we go. 
:P Hahah.
Ok now for the news!
I'm doing this in list format. 
-We're going on an Amtrak train trip. AND IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.
-I'm going to meet loads of my classmates
-I am vlogging almost weekly now.
-Northanger Webseries is making super slow progress, but it is going to be a thing.

And the news stops there! 
Anyway, hope you all have a happy friendaversary. 

Waaaaait, oh. 
Heh. Ok. Bye bye! 
Good luck on exams everyone!
See you on the other side of this semester.