Wednesday, March 18, 2015

♬ These are a Few of my Favourite Blogs.♪

I haven't posted in decades or so. Sorry. :P I had some posts I was working on but they kinda got forgotten.
Anyway, If my blog is the only one if your lonely feed. *SNORT* let me refer you to some of my favourite bloggers, best friends, and basically some of my favourite people.
In no particular order or anythin'.

This is my dear friend Evie's blog, (we go by the names Anne and Diana, pet names for ourselves I suppose.) She's one of my bestest friends. And a pretty darn awesome blogger too. (You've probably seen her around Mannerbee, she does some sweet posts. :D )

Emma's blog is AH-MAY-ZING. She's gifted with words and her thoughts are lovely to tap into, I usually leave her blog feeling refreshed and just...happy! And she likes Celtic Woman, so like....perf blog

The Story Girl

Hayden's blog, I go to her when I need movie reviews, and laughs, she's charming. =) 

Now this place, my other friend Emma. ( I have about four friends named Emma, and a cousin named that too. XD ) Her posts are long and thoughtful. Not super long, but more words than mine. (Which i find astounding. Words are a quality I wish I possessed.)
She sometimes does posts around here too. 

Kathryn is a super awesome cool blogger. =D So much variety. But all the same...meaning All the things are AWESOME.

Hannah's blog, she's great. She lives in Ireland, is a Christian, she cooks yummy sweet things, does book reviews, and is an avid fangirl! I immensely enjoy her posts.  (And she replies to every comment, that gets a super A+)

This is my friend Emily's blog. She does tutorials, most often. They are pretty darn epic. (especially the glittery glow-in-the-dark mason jar things. MAKES THOSE)

Really cool posts on this blog. =D

And here is the rest of the list. I do not have the time to say what are the bestest things about these blogs. Find our for yourselves.
I follow all of these and enjoy each and every one of them for different reasons. ♥

There are loads more, but that should get you started. :D
Anyways, TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now!


  1. Thank you so much for slipping my blog up there! I greatly appreciate it!

  2. Oh, you're so sweet! Thanks for mentioning my blog-- and for the lovely compliment. That really made me smile. :-)

    I've just checked out some of these other blogs-- pretty cool!

    1. Naaaaw, that wasn't a compliment that was... Hmmmm, accurate truth. =D
      Yes yes yes, all these blogses...are the bestest. I am afraid I left a few out, I have tendency to forget things.

  3. You are sooo awesome!!!! Thanks for putting my blog up there. I miss you and your family bunches!!!! :)

    1. You're welcome Emily. :D Miss you and your family too. :)

  4. Yay Anne!! Awwww shucks dear!!! *tackle hugs* I need to do a post like this.. off to watch your vlog now :D

    1. XD This sorts of posts take a bit of time...took me like two days. =D Then again, I am not the amazing Evelyn so it much longer. ;P

    2. XD still it's amazing!... ok.. you're the only one I give permission to call me evelyn.. :P

    3. Hahahah...I was worried i'd get in trouble. But it sounded so pretty I had to use it.
      And you can call me. *pause dramatically* Ga-linda.

    4. You shall call me Evelyn it is nice and it pleases me :P

      *pauses dramatically*
      That makes me Elphaba!

  5. Thanks for putting little old me up there. ^-^

  6. Jess, your blog is awesome, as is this post! Thank you so much for including me in your list - that means so much to me!


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