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The Scarlet Pimpernel, a joint post!

In celebration of my dear dear friend Diana (Evie) Me, Myself and I finally watching The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Maizey reading lots of the books and making her brothers nuts with Anthony Andrew's Percy drawl,
I present to you, a post of great magnificence. A post written not by one, or two, but three leaguettes!
Aha! Might I present to you, Another (more thorough) Scarlet Pimpernel Fangirl post.  

HAHAHA, Yep, Gandalf.)
BWahhahaha!! Thanks ever so much for having my Anne dear. So at much insistence of Anne and her sisters.. and actually my mother I sat down to watch this masterpiece.
(Oh yes yes yes, much convincing, what are friends for anyways?)
Yes yes, well anyways, after much insistence on Jess’s behalf I finally was like; “what the heck!” let’s watch this. Mum and I were in hysterics.

Reading The Scarlet Pimpernel was one of the best decisions of my life…. And watching the movie, was, well, pretty close as well=D Thank you dear Jess for such a wonderful read! (And watch) Gus and Buddy secretly love it, though Gus does call him Sir Percy Droop-Drawers….. King of mixed messages… And my dad loves the movie=D Which is the coolest thing ever!
You’re dad gets an A+. XD

So, due to lack of questions, *reaches into mind and grabs random question* Why is it, exactly, we like TSP so much?

That’s easy

First of all, he’s actually heroic. Not Achilles, not Katniss, he’s a real hero. He’s willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of other people, I mean, who does that nowadays? The author is a wonderful writer as well. YOu get adventure, action (though not too much), and romance all in one! It’s not sappy or action-flicky, it’s a story. Oh! There’s actual meat to the story. Not that I don’t like chick flicks, but meat to the story is good! The main character is consistent, he doesn't go bad for a while then go good, etc. He’s not fake, he’s true and real. I mean, if he were real he would make like the awesomest husband ever…. I know there’s more but those are the biggest reason. Oh, and two words: Anthony Andrews. (<-- those are two key words. xD)

Bahahah Maizey, you’re silly silly silly and right. :D
Sir Percy’s different than any other hero. Why?....because he trusts his friends, he’s willing to put his life on the line for other, (though, he is kinda oblivious, putting his life on the line and putting all the people who love him’s hearts on the line. :| )

Catie pointed out to me that his fault is trusting too much, there are multiple situations in which this nearly got him and his friends…. *swipes finger across throat*  This comes up in nearly every book, (i've read seven of them.) Armand, is one of the most...obvious.(El Dorado, a book with serious feels and kleenex box emptying scenes. By far the best of Orczy’s novels.
Dis be where it at. )
In the title book, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Percy did not trust Marguerite as he should have, seeing as she--*swipes finger across throat*--, yeeeeah, understandable.
IT wasn't really her fault though, oh my, Margot’s trust issues in dat book.
Ehehe, if it weren't for the league… i'm rambling now, I usually feel like I have a point to make when I begin one of these paragraphs, but it usually refuses to show itself.

Why should people read The Scarlet Pimpernel?

  1. It is amazing.
  2. Sir Percy shows great trust in those around him, and that is a trait we all should learn.
  3. It is a different take on the French Revolution…(which is so totally awesome)
  4. God’s providence really shows up in these books, even though they’re fiction. You know Sir Percy would not be able to make those daring escapes without it being in God’s will.

  1. Because we are saying they should!
  2. Sir Percy is incredible and hilarious
  3. Because books inspire the TV series :D

  1. Percy is simply amazing. In a culture where *ahem* Iron Man is considered a hero, Percy Blakeney is a breath of fresh air. He is neither arrogant nor boastful (he keeps his identity hidden for pete’s sake…).
  2. Percy embodies Christ-like qualities. He is willinging in every instance to lay his life down for others. NO MATTER WHAT. *coughHungerGamescough* He is NEVER willing to kill someone in order to get back to those he loves, which is what Katniss does in HG. He puts others before himself AND Marguerite.
  3. He isn’t a greek or modern American hero. Tying back to what I said earlier--he doesn’t have some sort of tragic flaw that brings him down in the end. He is surely a sinner, but he doesn’t come barging into his living room wielding a sword to kill off a bunch of sutors…. (<--The Odyssey).
  4. Lastly, the series is just tons of fun. The plot isn’t thin as water, the characters aren’t super shallow, the setting isn’t crazy blown out of water, etc. (I’ve apparently got a thing for water….)

Anything else we can come up with?

Only thing I can think of, which has technically been mentioned before is a comparison of him and our modern day literary and non-literary heroes.

Read it, watch it enjoy it and GUYS! There is a new web series coming out by two lovely bloggers. Amy Dashwood and Ally R


Anyway that wraps it up! Thanks Evie and Maizey for doing that with me. :)

And people! Go read it and enjoy!



  1. Good job to all three of you! :D Now I feel utterly ashamed that I haven't read them yet...
    mission accomplished, yes? ;)


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