Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crunch Time | Favourite Christmas Songs 2015

It's the mostest wonderful time of the year, kids jingle-belling and everyone's rushing around being busy. (Is jingle-belling even a real verb?)
And I have officially landed in crunch time. I do not know why it is I can never get anything done the moment before it is "due", but no matter how hard I try to get the task done ahead of time I always end up in the crunch.
And right now, because I am waiting for certain software to finish freaking out and for another wave of braincells, I have decided that I should do a blog post.
So here...look, a blog post!
My friend Diana (evie) did a christmassy post recently with a list of her favouritest christmas songs, I thought I might follow her lead and share with you a few of my favourites.

1) The Light of Christmas Morn.
Currently this is my favourite Christmas song. Partially because I love the melody, but mostly because of the words.

"The winds of chill December sound the farewell of the year, and evening shadows gather 'round and cloud the soul with fear, but rest you well good Christian men! Nor be of heart forlorn! For December's darkness brings again the light of Christmas morn."

Uh, can I just get a YES? Who does not feel the dragging cold and clingy shadows of winter this month?
I know I become so tired and melancholy this time of year. This song makes me smile because I reminds me that everyone feels the cold of the winter (EXCEPT YOU WEIRD AUSTRALIANS AND THE LIKE) and we can all just push through the sadness to get to the blessed holiday of Christmas.

2) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
(yet another Celtic Woman version, but hey, I love their stuffs)
This song is just a YASSS for me. I used to hate it, but something has clicked lately and it is one of my favourite Christmas songs.

3) Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella
This song is just another YAAASSS for me. It's a french dance tune, how could anyone not like this?
(and this piano version is particularly lovely)

4) The Man with the Bag
I hadn't ever heard this song until this year. Am I the only one? I had never heard it...and then suddenly BAM it was everywhere.

5) Christmas Waltz
3/4 time is my bae.
So this song is definitely a yes.

6) Merry Christmas Darling

This is Jinjer-Snap's favourite Christmas song so surely it must go on the list somewhere!
7) It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Back to Celtic Woman. #noregrets

8) Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
3/4 time again. I love this song so much. =)

9) Baby It's Cold Outside
No, this is not the original.
This song has been made so much better by the revision of the lyrics. =D

and lastly but not leastly!
10) All with You
Not a traditional song, no, but one of my favourites. I've been infatuated with this song for nearly a year and a half. Yaay!

There you go! Listen to them aaaaaaall!
Hehe. I'll see you all around. (And yes that follow-up story post is still on its way. I've just not finished it yet. :) )
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Born of fire in the deep dark caverns of Galactic Goop...a writer rose from the bubbling mire to take deep breath of air. The first breath breathed in many weeks.

*Creepy darkened lights*
So creepy, so creepy. The creepy is tangible.
I reached about 33000 words before midnight Monday evening.
Alas! *throws hand to forehead* There is no hope for me ever getting things done on time!
*Looks forlornly at stacks of school books*

Haha. I could use all my excuses that my story did not get complete in November, that beard possibly being one of them, but it would not do much good.
My story was not finished because apparently, it wasn't supposed to be yet.

I loved doing the nanowordsprints and the write-ins! THose were exceedingly helpful, but the words would just not come out as quickly as they were supposed to, and I'm just going to say that that is because my book wasn't supposed to be done yet. Maybe my entire novel endeavour was just for practice at doing something difficult. I don't know.

I do know, however, that a dear friend of mine, whose name starts with an E, did indeed finish her novel!
*looks at friend list of people whose name start with E*
Emma x420000
*List drops to floor and rolls across the room*

It was an Emma.
Or, as you might know her, "Your Matey, Winifred"
I wanted to tell you good job Emma! I am so proud of you!
Or if you just wrote!
I've discovered that it is a lot harder to write than I originally thought. Especially when you know you HAVE TO WRITE, BY THIS TIME, TOWARDS THAT MANY WORDS.

As much as I need deadlines to get stuff done. I hate them.
That is a perceiver trait.

And just because it is December, and this gif fits perfectly...
 I am almost completely sure that this was you and I the later part of this month Emma. =D

 And this of course.

Anyway. I'm going to do a follow up post to this one about my story. Because I am really excited about it. =D


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Artsy Ramble? Where did that come from?

I laugh like a mad woman as I run around turning off the lights in the house. The day is dreary and Mother wants the lights on so she can see as she decorates for Christmas. She thinks I'm ridiculous. Of course I am.

I understand that you have to be able to see to get anything done, but it's so dreary outside and all I want to do is stare up into space and contemplate the colours surrounding me. See in the cold light the last of the Autumn colours dripping down from the trees like a beautifully done watercolour.

The leaves are oddly yellow in hue this year, last year we had hardly any leaves at all. I thought I was noticing a cycle: the leaves are extraordinarily bright every four years. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Mayhaps it's every five years, or I might have simply miscounted. I don't know. I'll have to stick around a while longer to see if I'm proven right.

The sky is blue. It reads as a grey colour when you first look at it, but it is a deep blue...somewhere past those clouds covering up the sun it is the most royal and dark blue. An infinite blue...stretching into space further and further until it does become finite, where the galaxies stop and there is nothing. Everything is blue.
Even the clouds are blue, they are white too of course, but they are reflecting, somehow, the blue above them.
It comes across as Lavender.
The lavender colours are tinted grey, but with an over throwing streak of white here and there, the Sun's futile attempt at lighting the earth.

If you look down and around you there is mostly green and brown. That evergreen dark colour that sticks around the entire year, and the brown of a leafless tree. Its limbs reaching and climbing through the thick air, or mayhaps just hanging onto the tree for fear of falling under the weight of the sky. Shadows are darker today, as if the dark lonely thoughts of dead winter is even playing at the edge of nature itself.

My dear Mother has turned back on those horrible yellow lights again, not that it really matters I suppose.
There is stuff to be done and waxing poetic never did get the house decorated.
Well then, I suppose this post was just a ramble about December. Do take moment and look around you and see. Actually see, notice colours and shapes, darkness and light, the greens and the blues. Genuinely enjoy December's melancholy before you go and drink hot cocoa and get festive again!

And for heaven's sake, Jess, go get that darn Christmas tree up.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jane Austen Week Tag

Naomi's hosting a super awesome week of events at Wonderland Creek.
Check it out and follow closely with her posts! They're pretty awesome so far. =D

So without further ado, Jane Austen Week Tag!
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Jane Austen fan do you consider yourself?
Oh my. I'm a pretty loyal Janeite. I love all things regency, and I've read quite a few of the novels, and watched all but two of the film adaptations! 
I long to attend the Jane Austen Festival...like that's one of my biggest dreams.  XD Soooo eight and a half.

2. If "they" would make a new Jane Austen Movie, and you would be able to be cast in it, which Jane Austen character would you most like to play?
Marianne Dashwood. I knoooow that's kinda stupid. I just understand her, and it would be fun to act like her--like be her.
Or Lydia Bennet, honestly...fun. 
I like the dramatic, the frivolous, and the rude!

3. Is there any felicity in the world superior to a walk?
Oh such simplicity as a walk in the evening or before a storm, there is no felicity superior to that. No indeed.

4. Who's your favourite Jane Austen 'villain'? (As in 'villain' meaning 'the bad guy.')
Favourite as in favourite--as a bad guy, or favourite as they inspire the desired emotion?
I hate Willoughby. I hate him most of all. I just hate him.
I think Henry Crawford, or just the Crawfords are my favourite villain(s).
I mean so charming and selfish. They are both so selfish.

5. What/Who introduced you to Jane Austen?
My older sister wanted to watch P&P '95, and I thought, omgsh I'm a grown-up now! I can watch grown-up things with my older sister! But all three of us girls ended up watching it.
In. Love. 
We were all quite ridiculously in love with P&P after the first half of P&P.

6. Did you love/enjoy Jane Austen immediately, or has there been a time when you hated (um, prejudged) it?
Yes. I've always loved it. I was a janeite from the womb...even if I didn't know it at the time. XD

7. Who, in your opinion, is the funniest Jane Austen character?
Mr Bennet. He is hilarious in his Mr Bennet like why. He's witty and he puts up with his wife amazingly.
He does not get enough credit. =)
8. Do you quote Jane Austen randomly in public?
Yes. And everywhere.  Be it from an adaptation, web or television, I am always quoting it.  If people judge me...they must be one of those gentlemen or ladies who have no joy from a novel and therefore must be intolerably stupid! 
9. Are children allowed to eat cake on weddings?
Totally. Totally. As for eating out of doors? I'm all for it.  It will have to take more than an old and wise Woodhouse to keep me from cake!

10. What is your reaction when you hear that an acquaintance (e.g. A lady at Church) of yours loves Jane Austen?
That subtle and everything. 

11. Who writes better letters, Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth? (If you forgot what the letters were, shame on you, instead tell me if you prefer Strawberries to Chocolate or not.)
Oh how am I to judge them? And who am I to say? Darcy's was stiff, you know how he is.  Wentworth's was slightly stiff...but you know--ole Wenty is bae.  XD
I'm vouching for his letter.

12. Which Jane Austen heroine do you relate the least to?
Jane Bennet? or Charlotte Lucas? One of those two.
I'm not sweet like Jane, and I have never been able to settle for anything less than the best--perfectionist much yeah?
It's hard to not try and relate yourself to JA's characters. 

13. What's your favourite Jane Austen house (from one of the movies)?
Lol. Duh. just duh.
Though, Northanger Abbey 2007 wasn't a bad place either.
This is a hard question.

14. What's your favourite Jane Austen dress (from one of the movies)?
Lydia's pink ball gown from P&P '95. It also made a second appearance in Persuasion 2007!
Polka-dot thingy on the left.

Or Marianne's orange evening dress.
Mum and I made a dress similar to this for my first regency ball back in 2012 was it?
Oy I was a wee little person.

15. Can you turn off lit candles with your fingers?
I think so? I've always been a little scared to do it, but I think I might have done it once or twice. My Granddaddy does it all the time.

Well there you have it mortals! Now I must make sure I've got homework done for class tomorrow!
Ta-ta mugs!


Why Piracy is My Only Option | Friendship Rant

Piracy or moving, though I suppose piracy would involve selling everything and buying a ship or just stealing a ship...Either way I'd have to move.
That's a distracted-Jess way of saying hello, btw...and do you have six fingers on your left hand?
What is up.
No, that's not a statement. Well actually it sorta is... it doesn't have a question mark--but I'm not going to talk about what's going on with Meeeee I'm wondering, pondering, questioning, turning over in my wee little mind a simple concept or two.

1. Why my physical friends have deserted me.
Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a young girl of about eight years old. Her mother enrolled her and her older sister in a homeschool 4-H group at the library. This little girl, (Who we're going to call Tigger for the time-being), decided that she really wanted to be the event coordinator. Little Tigger took the position.
The president of this group was a brilliant ten-year old girl with dark hair and gorgeous eyes who honestly should be a Disney Princess, some time passed and the President came over to Tigger's house on her mother's invitation. President had two younger brothers. This was great because Tigger had a younger brother and they could all play together. It was great. Tigger's older sister and President became best friends, though, all three sisters were best of friends with President...even after 4-H fizzled out, through thick and thin, day in and day out they were the best of friends. The four of them, scootering around President's subdivision and playing super sleuths. Oh the days of childhood.
They were all great friends for nearly seven years. During that time President's mother had another child, a little girl. The little girl was charming. The four girls had also put on a christmas concert, gone to co-ops, chased chickens, fought dragons, and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making jokes about stupid things like pranking church services. (So irreverent, I know.)
Then when Tigger was in her first year of highschool, the four friends' tight circle began to disappear.
Tigger didn't know why, Tigger's older and younger sisters didn't know why. It was like they had just become unimportant to President's mom's calendar.
Moving on, during this same year Tigger had been reacquainted with an old playmate (back in those times before the dinosaurs and 4-H). Mer, Mer was so kind and listened so well, and they shared everything with one another, and were evil and loved each other like frenemies. They pulled many an all-nighter talking, and got blisters on their hands from swinging on the playground swings until they had forgotten how to walk.
It was a beautiful friendship.
What happened.
An amazing new theatre group that we're calling BG came to town. (And Tigger had nothing against BG). President was going to do it, because one of her dearest friend's Mother was the director or something.
The first show was amazing, though this was the major beginning of the four's group fizzle.
More shows passed, more and more, all of which were amazing. While Tigger and her sisters were trying vainly to spend time with President, she seemed in too deep into what she was doing. Oh the lights, oh the thrills, the trills, and frills! Yes luxurious.
Tigger wanted to do BG, but it was a long drive through extreme traffic to get there, not to mention expensive, and Tigger's family was tight for money...not to mention educational studies. Tigger couldn't do the classes she had to and do BG at the same time.
Tigger felt terribly let down by this, but at least she could still hang with her friend Mer. Mer was sweet, they were bffaa (Best friends forever and always), and she knew that Mer wasn't going to be eaten by BG.
She was, unfortunately, after a time, wrong. Mer was eaten by BG, after President's last semester (for she got too grown up to do it anymore.), Mer was into it now, and so was one of her friends, who was originally one of Tigger's family's friends. Alas, BG seemed to have them all in its maw.

Unfortunately, due to space and time, I cannot write the entirety of Tigger's story, nor does it really have a resolved ending. For as of yet--there is no resolving happy ending.
For all we know of Tigger's sake, she'll have only her sisters for best friends until she can move and make new friends, become a pirate and get a loyal crew, or go off to university.

Tigger's never been really good with friends.

But this made Tigger wonder:
2. Why are they all doing theatre?
What was it that was so appealing to them, it seemed like a lot of work for such an unprofessional production, but of course it was still an amazingly done performance for what they had.
Tigger didn't understand what it was like to belong to a group. Her family were kind of, what might be called, loners.
They spent a lot of time together, they tried to do activities that they could all go to, and they all had a beautiful relationship amongst themselves.
Tigger still did not understand though.
And then she met the other people from her school, the Chickens, and the Comp Crazies. They were all kindred spirits, running high and running in the same direction.
It was an amazing experience, and when it was over, Tigger didn't want it to be over. She understood now what it was like for her theatre-obsessed friends.
She knew and it made her sad.
Why could her sister and herself be that for their friends?
It didn't make any sense. They could make amazing things, they could record albums, they could make music videos, and make their way through the world, hand in hand and running in the same direction.
This--for some reason--was not to be though.
And Tigger still doesn't know why.
There is no reason for President and Mer to be so addicted to BG that they can't see how they're hurting their former friends. Those former friends who invite them over, but unfortunately Mer and President just can't make it. They are always too busy with theatre to come over, and when they are able to come over...suddenly something else comes up, so oh well. Guess you're just going to have to get new friends.

Tigger didn't like this answer.
She started spending hours on her school's online forum, and talking to her online friends and trying to fill the empty void that kept growing larger and larger...and no matter how much time she spent with her online friends, there was just not that hug she needed.
She had met a lot of her friends, and that somehow made it worse.
She knew they were real, she had hugged them, played with them, danced with them.
And it hurt. It just hurt.
She had to cry.

She cried because she realised that those people she had met while doing events did not really care. That she was somehow just a passing whimsy for them. Even if they promised to be best friends forever and always, it didn't really matter. She was not interesting enough to interest them anymore. Her sisters hurt too, her Mother spent many evenings crying over friendship, wondering what she did wrong.
It wasn't even like doing this BG that their friends were doing was offering anything lasting, and maybe they'll know this years down the road when those kids are all grown up and living their own lives...unable to remember the names of their BG mates.
They don't seem to care though, so they keep going. Let them live their short delusional dream.

That's all that those seven years were anyway. Lasting friendship isn't of this world and so it doesn't exist. Tough Tigger. There's no hope. You ought to become a pirate and get yourself a crew and don't get attached to any of them because they'll just blow away when the wind hits the wrong way.

Heaven only knows why. Poor Tigger, maybe they'll come back. Maybe they do care, but they have desires that just seem to come first. Understandable, after all--school was that way for you right? Though, isn't that what you're supposed to do in high school?  Oh. . . ok. apparently that's not really important, nor are lasting friendships, just a rush, just a high...and laugh, a good cry and a speedy project.

It's apparently not holding hands at the end of the world. Not knowing that you can trust this one person with your deepest secret. Certainly not wanting to live next door and raise kids as best friends. That's ludicrous. Real Life friendships aren't like Anne and Diana, not in Tigger's world. Her friends are obsessed with dazzling lights and applause.
And that's a lot coming from Tigger, who just so happens to be myself, who just so happens to be a die-hard performer.
It's fun, yeah. but it doesn't last. and I honestly love you physical annoying friends, but you are driving me crazy, and I want to keep loving you but you're hurting me and my family..and you don't realise it, and if you do, you don't care. That's what hurts even worse. We go out of our way to watch your productions, to try and find events we'd all enjoy...just to see you, but somehow we end up on the back-burner.

Friends don't desert friends.

I'm done.
My resolution is that I should really be a pirate because I will at least have people who aren't deserters around me...oh that was probably a little harsh I'm sorry--I've been storing this for too long.
Better now.
Carry on.
Love you internet baes. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Made a Thing | Disneybounding Merida

Or, I ruined a perfectly fine t-shirt trying out a tutorial that I found on Pinterest.
It's not a bad kind of ruined.

I'm gonna teach y'all how to do it.
 Ok so firstly get yerself a long-sleeved t-shirt.
Measure however long you want the sleeves to be, and mark that spot (Inside out of course, always sew things inside out.)
Now, make sure the sleeve is perfectly flat and cut along the crease of the sleeve opposite the seam to the mark, so the slits will be on the outside.
Then hem it, basically--turn the edge up a bit and sew it. You have to do this to both sides of the sleeve.
It should resemble that if you understood what I told you to do XD
The next step is to mark the places you want to put buttons.

I hated this part.
Tedious, little stitches of obnoxiousness. 
But it's the difference between, shirt, and sail. So just do it. =D
I did a bit of a pattern, the top button and the cuff button are on the outside, but the other two are on the inside.
Anyway, This is pretty awesome for a merida cosplay.

Especially if you curl your hair for it. =D

Oh and who would've thought, I have a tutorial for that too. XD

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Misc. 10/22/15

I realised that if I wanted to ever actually vlog anything ever I might just have to clean my room.
It was in ridiculous condition. 
So like...you can see the Great Wall of China from outerspace? Well you could have seen my unfolded laundry all the way up there too.
XD It was pretty bad. It looks better now...but now, homework.

It's October, and October is a hard month for homework, mostly because I do not want to do it, and then there's the first omnibus paper, or speech, or something really big and obnoxious that falls on that one weekend when you really really wish you could do something else.
Ach, all's well that ends well. So far all my little schooly thingies have ended well, so long live the end's well!
Nanowrimo month is coming up, will you be writing a novel? Or will you be like me and just sit back and be glad you're not doing it?
I honestly prefer to get ready for renfest during November, and stare out the window at the falling leaves.
I do that a lot during the autumn-time. 
I've been thinking lately--or more, anytime I look at my feet, that Converse are just the sort of shoes Van Gogh would paint.  I think I'll give it a go, someday. I still cannot draw shoes well enough yet to think of painting them. 
I came across the drop-cloth that I had originally used when I discovered that I can actually paint things.
Oh boy the memories.
I cut the paintings out of it and I hope to frame them...they are all quirky sizes though. 

What are you reading this month?
You see my little honourable stack. Or mostly honourable, some of it simply for complete pleasure. Others, or one other, because I'm basically being kindly blackmailed by a darling sister.
*Wink* And friend.
and other friend.
and another friend.
You'll never guess.
Yay for friendship and torture. 

I gave a speech in rhetoric on the topic of altos and their underratedness. 
Everyone loved it, and agreed wholeheartedly. Unfortunately nothing world-wide has happened yet.
I suppose I wasn't to expect much from a first speech to an early-morning class. 
And a few of them are telling me to speak on the bass and baritones' behalf. 
It might happen. 

So what's up with you guyses? I hope you are all fine and super splendid. =)


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Changing, or Realising? Or just Emotional Dumping?

'Been a long time, I've been keeping up with the blogs I follow, reading the beautiful posts, the posts that are just dumps of emotions needing to be let out, and in general being a professional stalker...as usual.
So I'm sorry I've not posted, but I've been lurking around. XD

I'm talking about stuff today.

Talking about a different side of me that tends to want to become more prominent, particularly lately.  I'm talking about this sixteen year-old self.

You will all be one, or have been one.

This'll probably be a mujumbled wad of stuff.

I've been wanting to jump and fly, ready to just...leap off, ya know?
You get kinda tired of being civilised and tied down by schoolwork, and even...hobbies.
And it's just like.


It's probably immaturity at its finest, but that's what I've been experiencing lately.
Loud music.
Dark clothing.
Doodling on everything.
Wanting to walk in the middle of the road at the dead of night.





Probably just really stupid.

I mean, this side isn't the side that makes muffins and scrolls through beautiful regency costuming blogs for hours.

I don't know where this is coming frooooom. 
We're allowed to have more than one side though, so I can be more than one person, and still be the same person.  Right?


I mean this isn't Divergent.
We're people with multiple layers of personalities, we can all change, multiple times. 

I'm forever an ESFP, I'm still a Christian, I'm still Jess, I'm just experiencing a change of weather and it's time to pull out the leather jacket and roll with it.
Or ya know, you can just wear...that, and...I can just...ya know. wear this. 

I'll be me, you be you. It'll be fun.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm not a one-sided person. (None of us are. But you only see this one side of sparklez fangirl on this blog)
There's this bit of nervous energy pulsing through me ready to leap out as soon as I even think it.
I think we're probably all like this, at least a little bit. 
Hopefully, otherwise I just feel kinda stupid for saying that.
Usually people who wear the front of being "brave" or wearing dark clothing have a past of being bullied, and trying to hide or trying to come across as imposing, trying to make themselves stronger.

And that's not me either.
I'm this wad of ginger-mess tucked into tidy little explosion of black leather, chiffon dress, and tall boots.
I wear this because it feels right. Not because I'm trying to be scary, or that the darkness of my clothing shows the very darkness of my soul. (Mostly because gingers don't have souls. XD )

I understand that we're all different and to some people my crazy mixed up mess might be offensive. 
I'm a hyper person.
I don't get depressed. 
I am gifted with ebullient unending optimism. 
As long as I can smile I will smile. (Even though I typically wear this face of    : - ]   )

It can come across backwards a lot though.
I play sad music when I am the happiest person on the face of the planet. 
I wear black when I'm feeling brilliant and just downright...awesome. 
I write happy stories when I'm sad.
I spend hours on the porch on rainy days, not curled up with a book on the couch.
If I'm sad I won't be that way for long--and if I come across as sad, it's because I'm savouring the feeling of a different emotion.

There's this feeling that I am just Marianne Dashwood.
Then there's a certainty that I'm just an immature little beastie. 

And I've tried to not be like this.

And I can't. I will just always wear my emotions proudly, and keep my heart near-at-hand where I can give it to those who need it. Because I've got more where that came from, even if they break it.
There's an endless supply and I swear, i'll run it dry if you need it. 

I'm positively the most normal person I've ever been.
And it's a blessing. 

So yeah there's that mess. Have fun making sense of it.  


So yeah.
Good night.


(I hope I didn't scare you Grandparents too much.)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Liebster Award

In the words of so many a person: "Hullo!"
or we could say "Howdy!"
Or just, "wassup." but that one somehow does not feel as connecting with history,

Happy August everybody! 
Miss Evelyn the posh music person who I am rather good friends with. 
(Hah who am I kidding?) Who I am IMMENSELY SISTERLY ANNOYINGLY AWESOMELY, EXPLOSIVELY, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER...with, has nominated me forrrrrr--- La Liebster Award,
How do you even pronounce that word?

Pirates or ninjas? Why? 
I was asked this question back..some two years ago.

I said Pirates because they have cool accents.
Ninjas do not say anything...much.

Have you ever climbed a tree more than twenty feet off the ground? 
I think maybe?

It would have been when I was younger, there was this totally awesome Magnolia Tree in our front yard, oh man was it perfect for climbing.
I might have climbed up 20 feet or so, but I was like three feet tall, so hard to say. 
Things looked a lot larger back then. 

Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing set? 
OMGSH YESSSSSSSSS. My friend used to live in a place where there was a swingset nearby her house, so we used to walk there and swing for hours. This was only like a year or two ago. Things have not changed much.

 If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? 

I'm thinking I'd love a pet owl.
Even though they are super annoying.
I looked it up.
If you raise one as a indoor pet, they will kinda be nutsy.
When it's mating season they expect you to screech back at them, (I'm talking all hours of the night.) And they make a huge mess.
Bertie makes a mess, but Owls make a huge mess.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up? 
Oh My! Hmm...Popeye the Sailor or Tom and Jerry, or Mighty Mouse... oooor...

Oh I do not know Evie! Hard question.  
If you had to have a cow or a pig, which would you take? Why? 
I want a pet cow so so so so terribly. 

The reasons for a pet cow would mostly be because if you get it as a baby cow you can have the sweetest little bovine ever.
Andddd they're so cute.

If you had to look at one city skyline for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Without hesitation I'd say Chicago.

I love it there, and it's big. And relatively clean, and pretty, and there are lots of Starbucks. 

Longest plane ride you've ever been on? 
Can you believe it? I've never been on a plane. 

Ever.However, the longest train ride I've been on would be about... 26 hours.  It's a long way from Washington D.C. to Louisiana, especially with delays. 

The latest you've ever slept? 
*sheepish grin*
Two in the afternoon. I think.

You can come up with some goooood questions Evie! =D
That's all I have for now, pip pip cheerio!
*cough if you would wish my little sister happy birthday on the 17th it'd make me very happy*cough*Here*cough*
I know it's rules that you're supposed to nominate people, but I am not in the mood for it. And it's lunch time.
If you would like, pass Evie's questions on. They're super duper fun to answer.


Friday, July 24, 2015


Hehehehehehehahahahah, Sorry couldn't resist the allcaps.
HEY GUYS I'VE BEEN NOMINATED. *cough* not that that was the name of the post. *cough*

Ellie over On The Other Side of Reality (who has a really awesome, gosh-darn-it awesome blog.)
has done the honours of the nomination!
Anyway, here we go!

1. Thank and link the blogger who tagged you.

2. Answer the 11 questions.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO (go, no goo, read it, go)
Ellie's Q's
1. Would you rather drown or suffocate?
They're basically the same thing really, one just involves getting wet.
I think...drowning, far more romantic...maybe?
2. Bifur, Bofur, or Bombur? 
Oh boy.

Now i'm not a dwarf-high-and-mighty expert, but judging by appearances... I'd have to say, probably.

But Bifur's hair thoooo.
then there's Bombur, ♥
Oh I don't know.

3. Do you like swimming?
*Turns on H2O theme song.*

4. How about popsicles? If so, what flavor is your favorite?
Yes, these Popsicle things keep me alive during the summer.
Prolly some flavour like grape, or rootbeer or something boring like that.

5. Have you ever been to Starbucks?
I mean we're like besties. I've gotten Butterbeer there before. (really sweet, almost too sweet, but yummy)

6. Which Harry Potter house are you in?

Look around you.
See the--something....Side-bar to your right, scroll for many years and you might see.
Lemme show you.


If that photo did not provide the answer, here is a wizard photo of my cheesy-self that might.

7. Boromir: evil or misunderstood?
Boromir dealt with a desire for power, like most humans do, he wasn't perfect, but he had his heart in the right place, I believe.

8. Least favorite candy bar?
Ok, this one, hard. Um, I'm not a sucker (Huh huh huh, baaad pun,) for candy bars. I honestly perfer a simple cadbury milk chocolate bar or a bag of chocolate chips.
But, a least favourite candy bar would probably be...

*scrolls through lists and lists of candy bars, making faces at each one.*
Ok, so, *closes eyes and chooses*
Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme bar.

It looks amazing, but it's not.
Personal opinion, MOVING ON.

9. Mickey or Minnie Mouse?


Probably say Mickey, I like his dungaree-thing.

10. Least favorite author?
As in author, or as in book?
Because I do hate me some authors.
Derek Landy.

I'll just say that.
He's the worst so far.

11. Describe your fashion style
What I really wear.
It freakin' changes so often I cannot keep up with it. And I'M the one deciding what it is I like to wear.

What I LOVE to wear

Then there's the dramatic, gothic-ish Lolita-ish hufflepuff outfit I wear constantly. 
And of course my faux-leather jacket with hufflepuff badge, and boots.
That outfit is bae. Great for walking blocks and blocks in Chicago...or wherever.

I basically wear whatever I'm in the mood to wear. 
Lately it's been hufflepuff. I think it'll be that way for a while, that's the main thing that holds all my outfits together. 

Evie, duuuuuuuuuuh. ;)
Adi (if you have the time, I know you've got a list of 57 questions to answer, so I feel bad for bothering you.)
The totally awesome blogger KATHRYN
and... hmm. my gosh 11 is a lot of people to nominate.
You're just gonna have to stick with four. 

1. What is your favourite music group?
2. Can one do something one does not want to?
3. A favourite fandom
4. Soup or sandwiches? 
5. Would you prefer a wand, or to be able to do magic without one?
7. Are you good with small children?
8. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
9. Is there a TV show you watch regularly?
10. Genre of music?
11. Most favouritest book series of all time?

Hehehhehe. Have fun, feel free to do this tag, and pass it on!