Friday, August 22, 2014

A bit of a shift.

Hi people!
I've found myself re-arranging my room just so i can blog about it... pathetic, huh? 
I've just had so few ideas on what to blog about lately! 

I kinda went nutso...imma out of wall space, so i can't paint--WHOA, LOOK, THERE'S A SPOT ABOVE THE DOOR.
Hahaha! It shall be painted!
anyways, i've started hanging tapestries. Interesting, yes?
That is my homework desk--it has, since this picture, been piled with books...oh YAY...homework. 
This is my letter writing desk! my regency corner, not done with it yet.

Moi dresser! very 40's looking...hahah fabric crazy!!!!!!!

I was trying to write a fairytale...but i thought of something i had to write on the page over, ugh, and the ink wasn't dry. 


The one messy spot--hehe

Au revoir!
P.S. if you have any blogpost ideas, do share! please!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Cake of Yesterday

There it is! The picture for the title! 
Hehe, we went up to Mississippi yesterday to see my grandparents, and the dogssss. XD as well as celebrate Miss Lainey's birthday...though it is not for another seven days; unbirthday. 

Methinks that picture, above, describes we three girlies pretty's kinda funny.

Yet another one of those: "Mommy you know i can't play when you take picturesss off meeeeee!"

She blew them all out in one breath...she needs to get some more candles. 

That picture is another one of those. T R O U B L E pictures.

Hehehehhehe, well anyways, we ain't been up ta much.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just a post.

What Brennan's been up to:

We went over to our friends house Sunday afternoon! great fun!

what i've been up to:

What we have been trying to do:

Yeah... "I need a pillow...for the chair..."
The cat is terrified. (with good reason)

What we tried to do:
What ended up happening:


And then there's this


Au revoir Mes amies!