Thursday, March 6, 2014

Of bedrooms, cookies, bertie, and Dorrits.

So it went like this.... 
Catie and mother started watching the Little Dorrit TV series, and i walked in just as Rigaud entered the scene.
he is on my scariest bad guy EVER list.
yeah the dude with the mustache.

But it turns out that the music for Little Dorrit is SO MINOR AND MELANCHOLY THAT I HAVE TO LEARN TO PLAY IT
So i am, along with My Father's Favourite from S&S 95
and all sorts of ECD tunes

Also i am enjoying reading the book Little Dorrit now, because i don't have to worry too much about what happens.
Yes i do wear glasses.....but only when i am feeling REALLY nerdy


We watched know that.
I am pretty well obsessed with it now, just because me and my older sister are identical...only they can't get her nose right!
(XP we also watched Tangled...)
Right, i went crazy...well crazier, and have undertaken a grand project. 

Mission Elsa's room.
or.... My Frozen corner.

It is messy and it is NOT DONE YET.

I still have to work on the wainscot and the crown molding as well as finish the window.
AND do something about that ugggggggly carpet.

As for the rest of my re-paint and re-painted room.... this is what it looks like at the moment.
The moment. 

Yeah bit of a mess..... not exactly the best at taking blogger pictures... ya know....those who shove everything into that one spot where they aren't shooting pictures? yeah....i'm sprawled.


Bye bye folks!

The Happy HOBBIT Heroine