Monday, December 2, 2013

Hi Folks! Yes, I Am Still Alive. "darn" :P

Hello to all my dearest followers and blog-readers! 
"I am sorry for my tardiness! 'Twas nearly impossible finding a carriage!"
haha, anyways I have been busy being on break and been busy doing schoolwork as well!

From the most recent "The King's Delight" dance.
And This is from a sleepover...we are notorious among my friends for our ridiculous costumes. 

This last month has been great!
Mother finally made me my hobbit dress! (Thank you mum!!! a million times over)
I have gone to Mississippi many times and I have enjoyed each trip excessively, they have hills there you know. :D

I also have been making capes,

Great sport if you have the time.

I also have started on "The Brick" as it has been labeled and I am contemplating getting El Dorado from the library.

I have been also designing silly T-shirts and writing silly stories.

And Drawing, whether or not I am improving any on it is irrelevant.

Heh heh.

OHHHHH We also had a visitor, a mouse. In short, he decided to live with my Little Mr Walking Stone we brought him in and he escaped, we caught him and he escaped again. Then we finally caught him and put him out! Then the cat tried to bring him back in.

This basically sums up last month. ;-P
Nay not really. :D

Well that's the latest! ( Not to mention a certain large event that is taking place very soon that involves music a stage and a whole bunch of friends singing.:-)
Happy December!!!!! 

The Happy Hobbit Heroine. 


P.S. 11 days 'till!!!!!!