Saturday, July 20, 2013


Need I say more than the title said! He is the most amazing hero ever to be read about. Sink me if he isn't the best hero of all time! This is just a fangirl post by the way. if you hadn't noticed already. :D I LOVE SIR PERCIVAL BLAKENEY!

HEHEHEHE! *Giggle outburst* HE is dashing and amazing. If only i could faint and make sure he was right behind me.
Me thinks me's a leaguette now.

~Your truly.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The fourth of JULY.

Alright.... I suppose I will do four posts today, tis better than gettin nothing done. For Independence Day  our family went to Mississippi to visit my grandparents. 
This picture seems kinda perfect because my uncle's birthday is the fourth as well!

We had a lovely time. Mom and Dad left us kiddos up there till Monday..... and boy did we have fun. You see it doesn't take much to please me, I am a girl in Louisiana. we do not have natural hill WAY down here where I live. So any hill of any size is a wonder to me. Grandmother and Granddaddy have hills on their property.... Lovely hills. I felt like a hobbit! of course then again I always feel like a hobbit, BUT the hills made it better... more hobbit-y .

We went on a "Dog Ride" around all the back roads, fields, and pastures. quite a treat. we did one five years ago.... but that one didn't have anything on the one we did recently. IT WAS SOOOOO FUN. 

more from me later.


Ramble.... through the mazes of my mind,

That is basically what I have been up to of late. :D I will post more pictures later. It seems that every time I try to do a blog post I do not have the pictures i need on the computer! And it is such a hassle to upload them! Anyways! i have been painting and writing a novel ahem.... or two.... Oh and exploring the world of faux-finishing..... that is fun. AND yet I run into a problem there! WE NEVER GO ANYWHERE WHEN I NEED SOMETHING. then when we do I am un-inspired and I have forgotten what I needed! life is a mouse maze. I have also been wasting time on the computer.... this really fun website called Azalea Dolls keeps coming up on my screen begging me to make a lovely hobbit doll..... *FACEPALM* I CANNOT MANAGE TO GET ANYTHING DONE! So I sit at the computer waiting to hear one of our three broody silkies squawk about a red chicken coming on the porch. Those birds have the right idea sit and wait because there is nothing else to do. THEY ARE NOT EVEN SITTING ON EGGS. I do not know what their deal is. Three fluff-bottoms all splat in a plastic box on the porch with pine shavings in it. Those birds need to get a life or something... :P ENOUGH! I AM GOING TO UPLOAD PICTURES AND PAINT SOMETHING! AND PROBABLY SING ONE DAY MORE... all ON MY OWN....

Over and out!
I'll be back soon.