Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's that time of year

Hi Guys! Diana here!!
Just popping in to say that it's Jess's birthday today and you should all go wish her all the best!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advent Day 15, | The Magic of a Mug of Cocoa (guest-poem!)

Ellie, from On the Other Side of Reality , received my invitation to do a guest-post, art-something, today.
Without further ado!

                                                        The Magic of a Mug of Cocoa

congratulations, really -
you’ve officially ruined my love for christmas.
cause now i can’t hold a mug of cocoa
or murmur carols with cole and crosby
or put on my huge purple pom-pom hat
without thinking of you.
it’s hilarious, really -
you used to be the best thing about christmas.
but now i can’t doodle a snowman
or wrestle with tinsel
or shop for just the right present
without thinking of you.
but i’m done with it, really -
cause this morning i made myself a mug of cocoa
and drank it all without realizing
i was holding the very mug from which you used to drink
but the cocoa still tasted good.
so now i’m going to put on my huge purple pom-pom hat
and shop for just the right present
(for my dog, who’s more of a person than you ever were)
and murmur carols with cole and crosby
as they play over the loudspeaker at the mall
and then i’m going to come home and wrestle with tinsel
and draw a snowman for my dog
and i’m going to curl up in front of the fire
and drink so many hot cocoas i nearly get sick
(cause nothing will ever make me as sick as thinking of you).
so congratulations, really -
you’ve officially reignited my love for christmas.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Advent, Days 13-14 | Past Tumblr Requests

Posting daily is almost out of my league. It requires so much mental commitment.
Perhaps I need to make it more like brushing my teeth, or blowing my nose--I'll not allow myself to brush my teeth before I do a blog-post.
I don't have any local friends anyway.



Let's talk about these guys today.
I typically try to do character-bites like these...
(Calling them that not because it sounds vampiristic, but because they are quite bite-sized.)
...for requests and suggestions.
They're always a little scribbley and fun. I usually take hobbity-requests, but I've gotten some weird ones too.
For instance,
I'm still not sure why that person had an entire blog devoted to this lizard's fanart. 
Sometimes I can't sleep at night for wondering about this weird lizard.
Tumblr's weird y'all.

Heh heh heh.
You'll never guess what this is.
Not by the star in the background, the green suit, the blue dress--naaaaaw

Yeah it's Hamilton.
But these are my friends.
This was another huge Tumblr project I jumped in on. 
A complete recording of Hamilton by Tumblr users!
Hamilton, I drew to look like my friend Eric. He's exceptionally awesome.
And Eliza's dear Ashlee.

Here are the rough-drafts, in all their glory.

Oh and looky there, it's the colour guide I used for his coat.

Tumblr's a cool place for artists. There's an audience, always is, and many art-blogs take commissions, so it becomes a source of income, as well as an outlet for art.

Buuuut, artists still don't get paid enough.
 *sticks a "FEED THE STARVING ARTISTS" sign right here*

Feed the starving artists, tuppence a scribble.

Haha, that's all today, folks!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Advent Days 6-12 Catch-up

Ay, I disappeared.
Here's a catch-up from everything I have been up to.
This is artistic because... MUSIC!

This is artistic because...EDITING.

The is artistic because Christmas decorations...and music!

This is artistic because FLOWER-CROWNS.

And this is artistic because it's the art of hilarity. Whhhhy is that? Because I, unplanned, dressed as Wednesday Addams and adopted a cat named Flora...if they but had one named Fauna.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Advent Days 4-5 | "The Summer of the Soul in December"

Ay, that's a quote from the Muppet Christmas Carol. Darn it, I love that movie so much.
I apologise for the absence of a post yesterday, it slipped my mind!

So the summer of the soul in December? Yeah? Ok, got dis.
Lemme share some art in the form of friendship and food.

This is a beautiful tea-party we had at my friend Emma's house out in California back in July. It was delightful, and sad...but only because we left that afternoon. :]

Do you have beautiful memories with friends? Do share some in the comments!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Advent Day 3 | Backgrounds!

 Now I've not done much drawing-art in my life by comparison. In fact, I barely manage to keep it in practice. I hope I can do better in the future. 
But I've learned a bit and here's one really awesome tip.




<-- See here.

This took me too long. 
But get the point. Backgrounds are helpful. 
Let's see how this progresses.

So here now we've got my little character. Saoirse. She's kick-butt, but we're not so much talking about her as we are discussing things...okeys.
Alright, my original thought when scribbling all this was: "I'M GOING TO ANIMATE, AND IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING."

I've had no animation inspiration since. I messed with this picture for upwards of five hours. I had no idea what I was doing.

And so then I drew and drew and drew, three days worth of scribbling my afternoons away, and I got this.

Uh oh.

What's she doing?

I don't know, but it doesn't look good.

But hey, that background does.

I've realised that backgrounds make or break animations/drawings/films/pictures WHAT THE HECK. The background is just as important as the foreground.
Take a peek at dis familiar picture.

Leonardo Da Vinci, me ole pal, you were crazy.

This is the Mona Lisa, if you didn't know. :P
And I want you to look at the background.


See the colours.

Do you see that bridge?

I do.

And what about those trees off in the distance?

lookit all the things.

See the serious detail?

See the usage of colours? The way there are oranges and yellows, greens and blues, and light--lots of light.

Da Vinci got de background importance bit.

The details in the background are as important as the main object itself.
You never see a portrait with exceptional amounts of junk all around. (HAHA. *watches as you guys find one.)
It's an Art Principle!

It's a simple idea that applies to productions, the minor roles and costumes are equally important to clothing and overall presence of the lead.

You can't decorate before you clean. (As I have noticed this evening while cleaning house, realising that all this Christmas decorating can not be done until the tidying is finished!)

And you can't focus when there's too much going on! It's just facts.

Anywayz, there are some artsy thoughts. Watch the background guys! Notice the way a tree curves, or the light reflects from a puddle--enjoy the art of the natural God-given background!

And then go to a dirty city and moan. Hahaha. XD

Here are a few other things.

Another before and after thing.

And here's my little animating attempt. 

See you tomorrow!

(I. Am. So. Tired. Things'll get better around here. Just give it a few days. :) )

Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Day 2 | The Importance of Singing

This evening was the concert for the Autumn/Winter semester of choir. It was delightful.
The entire semester was odd. We began in August, but stopped after two rehearsals due to serious flooding. We had rain for days, and then a river flooded, and people were displaced. Hundreds of homes were wrecked, businesses destroyed--'twas a mess.
Our choir directors' homes were flooded, and many of the members got at least some water. It's amazing that it all still came together.
So here's a song from tonight.

The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

I think it was probably what we all needed this evening. :)
I'll see you tomorrow!
(P.s. I'm doing Vlogmas anyway.)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent Day 1 | Oh Yeah, It's hobbity.

Well good afternoon, and Merry Christmas!
Today I'd thought we'd probably start with something simple.
So recently I sat down and began to draw something--circles are what I just scribbled and then I realised I'd do best to just turn it into a hobbit hole.

 There it is, I played with colours, and ran with the idea of stained-glass windows, 'cause why not?
And since this a Christmas-y post, I'll show you what I did next, and then I'll explain how it's gonna get Christmas-y sometime in the future.

I finished it by making it nightime, and playing with light!
That doesn't really seem like it'd make a lot of sense, but check it. The windows have light streaming from within. (There's probably a super large chandelier in that foyer. :P ) It shines out upon the colourful flowers in the front, (no idea what sort they are.) And it leaves this "omgsssh it's cosy inside" feeling.
How's this going to be Christmas-y? Well ma amies, how's for we make a Christmas Hobbit hole? Lights, snowmen, and the whole kaboodle.
Help me out, comment suggestions for colours, shapes, number of windows, what the snowman should be holding--! Anything! Even hobbits themselves.

Merry Christmas and first day of December!
Until tomorrow,

Saturday, November 26, 2016

❅❆December Advent Event...A Massive Christmas Art Undertaking❆❅

Hello there blogger-monkeys! Hullo hullo hullo!
It's been quite a while since we last spoke, word-to-eye...eye-to-screen.
Heh heh.
To cut to the point, it is ALMOST December! And the past two years I have done some of what the Youtubers call Vlogmas. Vlogmas is where you film your christmas activities and upload them on whatever schedule you want. It's fun! But very--VERY tiring. 

So this year I have decided I am not fully doing vlogmas, but going to be doing something almost as commitment-y, and start an  Art Advent-calendar. 
This is as ridiculous as it sounds. Let me explain.

  1. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
    "the advent of television"
    synonyms:arrivalappearanceemergence, materialization, occurrencedawn,

Thanks Google, me ole pal.
During the month of December we typically have a little calendar with little doors on it, and everyday leading up to Christmas, we open a door. And there's some pretty kwel stuff in there, I tell you, Mom is a pro.

Borrowing that idea, starting DECEMBER 1ST, this lovely blog is going to become an art advent calendar!

Everyday when you come back here, (which you will! ;P ), there will be a new gift for you! A painting, a song, a poem--art, just pure good ole art!

And at the end of it all there is a surprise. (lord willing I can get it done in time! O.O )
That isn't all! You TOO can participate!
Do you wish to have anything drawn? Painted? or do you have a story, Christmas memory, or poem to share?
We can get in touch, and it could be AWESOME.

Leave a comment! Tell me what you think, any suggestions? Do you want to participate?

And a Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An ABSURDLY LONG Louisiana Friendship Bucket-list

On a whim, my friend Evie, (from Australia, see her blog here), and I wrote down like 50+ things we'd like to do when she someday crosses over the VAST OCEAN OF ANNOYANCE that separates us.

So where to begin? Hello lovely readers of Jess’s blog. It is I Diana, and of course, Yours Truly--going by Anne, We thought to finally put our ideas into fruition about what to do when I finally arrive in good ole america.. MURICA?

So, down below you will find a list of 50 things--and pictures--and just STUFF, that is on our “must-do” bucket list.

  1. Go to Jason’s
  2. Talk, like really sit down and just talk
  3. I don’t know what I’m doing
  4. Really I don’t
  5. You take over
  6. Take you ALLL over the place! To the plantation homes, and to the capitol, and to the French Quarter--just to say we did!
  7. Feed you southern food. (MWHAHAHA) What is this ‘Southern Food’ you speak of? Oh we talkin’ gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish something or other! And beignets of course
  8. Bring Tim Tams and Vegemite and show you all how to eat it PROPERLY
(Insert Hugh Jackman Video)
9. Go English country Dancing (YUS)
10. VLOG
11. Meet your friends, not just over video chat.
12. Drag you to Chicago and watch Hamilton and American Musical!!!
13. TOTALLY CONFUSE YOU WITH MCDONALD’S. Not “Macca’s” what the heck.
Maccas is what Australians call MCDONALDS.
14: Give you a whole “how-to really speak English” lecture
Oh thank you so much, most honoured.
15. Go to Barnes and Noble and resist the urge to buy every book left right and centre
17. Go to Baton Rouge and speak french at each other.
18. Go to the Antique Store
19.  Bible Study, and Go to Church on Sundays
Yusssss I know of a beautiful church, with a wonderful service! It’s a must!
20. Ukulele duet.
21. Watch “Blink” and scream loudly at every scary moment.
Catie don’t you even think about coming up behind us...
22. Camp outside and try not to freak out about living in the country.
23. Go Pokemon hunting
24. Have a campfire
25. Have a karaoke evening.
26. Bake delicious things!
27. Watch Anne of Green Gables.
28. Take a train up to, and explore Chicago.
29. Learn Piano properly.
30. Fangirl over Peter Capaldi..
31. Journal, print out photos glue things in and make a book.
32. Photoshoot! Oh dear gosh that will be entertaining..
33. Stay up SO late.
34: Read poetry dramatically. BUT soft..what light through Yon-ahem now’s not the time.
35. Reenact In Earnest (YESSSS)
36: Go biking!
37: Go hiking!
39. Call Cathy at some unearthly time .. BE PREPARRRRED
40. Go geocaching which is sort of like treasure hunting
41. Watch Riverdance
42. Play Just Dance or Mario Kart MARiO KARRRT ( I WILL CREAM YOUUU) (OH IT’S ON)
43. Go bird-watching
44: Go to the Aquarium!
46: Demand that Emma come BACK TO THE SOUTH
48: Swap books
49.  Exchange music--mercilessly. (3 STEPS 3 STEPS!)
50. Learn to Tap Dance (Tooooo dance agaaaaaain)

50, part 2: HAMILTON. Did I mention, HAMILTON?

~Anne & Diana